About Us


As a Government initiative to enhance computer literacy among children and youth of the country, the Getambe temple also runs a Nenasala IT Centre in the premises. It is implemented by the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) , 5th august in 2005 . The primary aim of this project is to empower the rural community through Information and Communication Technology. As a benefit this centre is enriched with Well qualified teachers, valuable courses and lecture rooms computer labs with all the facilities to students.. Getambe Nenasala grants the students a wonderful study environment with 100% of practical studies And also they provide the students widely recognized certificates approved by the Government of Sri Lanka. Most students who followed courses there, are in different positions of profession worldwide.



Venerable Galle Siri Sudhamma Thera

Venerable Galle Siri Sudhamma Thera was the former director of Nenasala IT Centre. Ven.Sudhamma thera was ordained as novice in 21st june 1992 and received his Upasampada – Higher Ordination in 13th July 2002 .Ven.Sudhamma thera is a vice principle at Siri Sumanajothi College in Ranthetiya, Gampola.

Ms.Menaka Mahakumara

Ms. Menaka Mahakumara , the Director of Nenasala was Joined to the centre in 5th august in 2005. She is well qualified teacher with 35 years of teaching experiences in different streams. Ms.Menaka has been managing and developing the centre since it was started ,up to now.

Basic and Advanced Courses


• Fundamental of IT.
• Introduction to computer hard ware.
• Use the computer and manage files with in standard operating system (windows 7/8).
• Perform word processing (Microsoft word 2010/2013).
• Perform Spread sheets (Microsoft Excel 2010/2013).
• Perform computer aided presentation resources (Microsoft Power Point 2010/2013).
• Setup and use Databases (Microsoft Access 2010/2013).
• Perform Internet & Electronic Mail operations (Internet & E-Mail).
• Printing, Scanning, CD/DVD Burning.
• Basic of Graphic Design
• Sinhala Type Setting
• Adobe Photoshop
• CorelDraw
• Publisher