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Siridham Preschool

Siridham Preschool was started by Ven.Kappetiyagoda Siri Wimala thera for the rememberence of Ven.Labuduwe Siridhamma Thera in 1992. in this preschool children grow in a safe, nurturing religious environment that builds confidence and independence. The facilities individual learning with a purticular emphasis on play.The curriculum cultivates criticlal thinking and a love of learning while instilling empathy,respect for self,respect for others and responsability. In Siridham preschool there are 6 teachers and 120 students where all the teachers have earned preschool diplomas. Teachers foster a positive, personal relationship with each child as they acknowledge and respect their differences. We recognize that each child develops at a different rate and we encourage each one to reach his/her full potential regardless.


Siridham Preschool

Ms.Chandra Rajapaksha

Ms.Chandra Rajapaksha was the former principle of Gatambe SiriDhamma Pre School. She dedicated seventeen years to develop the preschool and to make every child a successful person as well as a good human being.

Ms.Udayamala De Silva

Ms.Udayamala De Silva is the principle of Siri Dhamma Preschool. She has joined to this preshool in 11th march 2013. Ms.Udayamala is a well expereienced teacher by having a diploma in management as well.


Siridham Preschool